When you hire a cleaning company to clean your office or commercial property you need to remember one thing: the cleaners are not doing you a favour, they are working for you. So if there is something they are doing – or not doing – that you are unhappy with, you need to let them know.

Poor quality cleaning companies often rely on the fact that no one will say anything about the work that they are doing because it is something that no one wants to talk about. But it is your money, and you are more than entitled to mention if you spot something that isn’t right.

So what should you be looking for?

Communal Area Cleaning
Communal Area Cleaning

Sometimes, when a cleaning company works unsupervised, they can cut corners. One perfect example of this, and an easy one to spot, is whether the furniture in your office is being moved in order to clean beneath it. If it isn’t, and you move a chair out of place and discover dust and dirt underneath it, then your cleaning company isn’t working as hard as they should be.

Another tell-tale sign of a poor quality cleaning company is windows. Windows can often be left out because the cleaner simply forgets them – it’s all about vacuuming the room and the windows are left to the end, if at all. So windows that still have smudges on them the next day should be mentioned. And yes, we all have off days. Or get delayed somewhere. But if the same smudge or piece of dirt is in the same place for days or even weeks on end, then your cleaner is not paying attention like that should be.

The last thing you want is for customers or clients to spot that your office is dirty. It gives a poor impression of you, even if it isn’t a true one.

What To Look For If You Think Your Current Cleaning Company Isn’t Doing A Good Job In Your Office Or Commercial Property

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