When you own and operate a business, it is just as important to keep your external areas clean and tidy as it is to do the same for your internal areas. Depending on the type of business you run, it could even be more important to ensure that outside always looks its best.

External areas can include car parks, gardens, external lobbies and courtyards. These can contain outdoor seating areas where people enjoy eating their lunches or taking a cigarette break. They can even include outside dining areas. If this is the case then, despite the presence of any bins, you will always find discarded cups, plates, plastic cutlery, and wrappers on the ground. You will also find cigarette butts. It is all mess made by people, and although the majority of them might tidy away after themselves, even if just a few don’t it will look messy. And this is where the problem of ‘broken window syndrome’ comes in. Broken window syndrome occurs when somewhere is a mess, and because it is a mess no one bother to tidy up – it was like that when we got here, they might say. What’s the point in keeping our area tidy when everything else is such a mess? And of course this all means that the entire area gets more and more messy and dirty every day.

Car parks and other external areas are also subject to the weather. The wind can blow rubbish in from all sides, as well as more natural products such as leaves and dirt.

So external areas can get very untidy indeed.

The problem is that these are the areas that your visitors, employees and customers and clients will see first. They will park in your mucky car park. They will walk through your cigarette strewn seating area. They will see all of this and it could very easily give them a poor impression of the company – those who might have been going to spend money with you could even decide against it.

Not only that, but if there is rotting food lying around, that can attract vermin and bugs. In turn, this can spread disease. On top of that, it will smell awful.

And of course, rubbish and leaves and other debris will be slippery, especially in the winter time when the weather is worse. This means that visitors can easily slip and fall, and if you are responsible for the external areas, that could mean you will end up paying them compensation.

In the end, it will save you money if you make sure your external areas are clean and clear – even if you pay a third party to tidy them for you.

External Areas: Why It’s Important To Keep Them Tidy

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