Whether in an office environment or a block of flats, even in a school or university campus, there will be communal areas. These are areas that everyone can use, and that belong to no set person – and they are usually everyone’s responsibility. That means that, often, no one takes responsibility in the hopes that someone else will! This is why communal areas can become dirty and untidy.

Unfortunately, because they are often hallways and lobbies, these areas see a lot of foot traffic – and therefore get much dirtier than other areas. They are also the places that visitors and members of the public see first, and if they are filthy then this will reflect badly on the building as a whole (even if the rest of it is spotlessly clean).

So having a specific regime and routine when it comes to cleaning the communal area is important. And hiring a cleaning company to carry out the work for you makes it much easier and less time consuming. Cleaning Services - Communal Areas Cleaning

When cleaning a communal area considering should be given to the time the work is carried out. It is important to do it when there will be as little foot traffic as possible. This not only keeps the area cleaner whilst the working is being carried out, but it gives those who live and work in the area an easier route into and out of the building. For offices, schools and other buildings that are used in the day time and close at night, evening or night time cleaning is often the best solution. For buildings where people come and go at any time (such as a block of flats), it is wise to pick a time when the majority of residents will be out at work. The time between 10am and 3pm often works well.

Another thing to consider when cleaning a communal area is allergies. Some people could be allergic to certain cleaning products, and in a communal area they will certainly come into contact with it. Therefore, wherever possible, use organic or natural cleaning products, or check with the users of the building as to any allergies that might be set off from using chemicals.

What To Consider If You Have A Communal Area That Needs Cleaning

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