Health and Safety A Cleaner CompanyCleaning Health and Safety is of paramount importance to us and we are fully committed to the compliance of all rules, regulations, codes of practice and best practice governing Health & Safety.

We employ a large number of people in the cleaning sector, who clean a variety of locations, including offices, factories, schools, shops and community centres. We provides health and safety advice for our staff, and expect high levels of safety compliance and awareness. We also provide information to our clients on how to comply with health and safety law in terms of safely cleaned floors, and other situations which could allow yourself or clients to get injured.

A Cleaner Company complies and adheres to our Health & Safety obligations by using the following procedures within a regular monitoring and measurement system:

  • Company and site induction training
  • Machinery induction training (as necessary)
  • Cleaning Health and Safety awareness
  • Method statements for all works and tasks
  • Implementation of safe systems of work
  • Hazardous substances – COSHH data sheets and assessments
  • Risk assessments for all activities and tasks
  • Provision of appropriate personal protective equipment
  • Emergency procedures
  • Accident and incident reporting